Pros and Cons of Water Dispensers

Clean and drinkable water is an essential element for everyone. While many like to carry their own bottles of water, many buy bottled water when they need. Many offices, schools and colleges are installing water purifiers or water coolers for the benefit of their employees and students. This is to make clean and safe water available at all times. There are different types of dispenser available with a variation of the water supply given to them. While some are directly connected to the main supply, some need to be attached to cans of water. The dispensers can be independent machines, machines mounted on sink tops, fitted below the sinks or kept as counter top dispensers. Comparatively, the main fed dispensers are used more as they do not need to be refilled every now and then. While the dispenser is of great use, it has its own pros and cons.

Hot Water Dispenser

Pros of Dispensers

1. The main advantage of office water coolers is that it dispenses clean and safe water anytime you want. You need not stop your work, go to the shop and buy yourself a bottle of drinkable water. The water coolers takes care it. Most of the water coolers come with a built in purifier that helps to eliminate any contamination in the water supply. Additionally, the purifiers such as the RO make sure that hard water is treated well to reduce its salinity.

2. Another advantage of water coolers is that they can dispense hot or cold water at the push of a button. This makes it easy to avoid installing separate cold water dispenser and hot water dispenser or carry cold or hot water every time. The dispenser has specific slots for hot cold and normal water which can be accessed at the push of a button.

3. Environmentally speaking, dispensers are a great way to reduce the use of plastic bottles and use water in an efficient way without any wastage.

Office Water Coolers

Cons of Dispensers

As useful as a water dispenser is, there are some drawbacks that cannot be avoided.

1. More or less all the dispensers work on electricity. This means that there should be a supply of electricity at all times. The electricity is required for the purifier and the cold and hot dispenser to work efficiently.

2. The maintenance of dispensers can be tedious. Dispensers have candles that work as filters to purify the water. The candles should be cleaned regularly and replaced at timed intervals for best results. A check needs to be kept on the life of candles to make sure the dispenser works properly. Dispensers such as RO can help reduce salinity up to a certain level. For extremely hard water, the RO purifiers are not that useful.

3. For a dispenser to work efficiently the water supply should be continuous and proper, the reason being dispensers with mains fed water supply do not store water. In addition, if the water pressure is not sufficient, the dispenser will fail to supply water. In such instances, an additional pump needs to be fitted to boost the pressure of the water.

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